An evening at the Oslo Opera House

When staying in a city, I always try to go to the opera. It is my thing. Oslo is not an exception and since it has such a beautiful Opera House, I jumped on the occasion and went to listen Puccini’s Japanese tragedy, Madama Butterfly.

For those who are not familiar with the story, the action takes place in Japan just after the Second World War. American soldiers are occupying the country, and there is desperate poverty and mass prostitution. In this cultural melting pot, Cio-Cio-San (Butterfly) and Pinkerton meet – she dreaming of the freedom that America represents, he with a longing for the exotic Far East, both of them on a collision course with reality (source :

The role of Cio-Cio-San is sung by Hui He, a Chinese soprano who was really breathtaking.

 The show is on until September 6th, so if there are still tickets available and you are in Oslo, I can only advise you to go ! Tickets and information can be found here. See also a video of the show here. 10544404_10152566995408726_7330428964541103807_n Madama_Butterfly_2014_Foto_Joerg_Wiesner_DSC6890 10410944_10152568421423726_2136854402000772806_n Madama_Butterfly_2014_Foto_Joerg_Wiesner_DSC6992 10390382_10152566995983726_8850478014573999568_n 10580212_10152566995453726_5592456296938935180_n 10537363_10152566995383726_7052010050544929061_n 10593017_10152566995723726_6518535186968002125_n (Photos are from


On my bedside table those days

Borrowed from the Norwegian public library, those two books are now on my bedside table. As soon as I finish reading them I will publish a review ! Stay tuned for a new article 🙂

2014-08-05 16.42.38 La Ferme des Nershov, Anne B. Ragde (second book of the trilogy)

2014-08-05 16.42.29

Trésor de la nouvelle, la littérature scandinave (collection of scandinavian best short stories)


The Absolute “chic a la francaise”

I fell in love with the amazing wedding dresses designed by the French designer Laure de Sagazan at the first glance! Beautiful, elegant, feminine but above all so chic, these handcraft creations are exclusively made in Paris. This is definitely what I like to call “le chic à la française”.

10014153_429406380495919_251409157_o 1184991_367509286685629_1730168737_n 10247262_429406353829255_846243446_n 1074245_382024335234124_1954864512_o 10574260_463466000423290_1848466235124390318_n



In my spare time #2


I’m preparing another bottle of home-made lemonade to face the hot summer


I re-decorate my fridge with stickers


I take my first steps with my brand new – so comfortable – shoes !


I’m having a home-made manucure – Red for ever!


 I go to the grocery store with my crocheted shopping bag